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Laparoscopic removal of large submucous myomas


The aim of this study was to analyze the feasibility and technique of removing large submucous myomas laparoscopically. This technique decreases the complications of removing the submucous myoma hysteroscopically. The design was based on a retrospective review (Canadian Task Force Classification II-1) in a dedicated high volume gynecological laparoscopy centre. The subjects were twenty-two women who underwent laparoscopic removal of submucous myomas at our center. Laparoscopic removal of submucous myoma was done in all patients in whom the size of the myoma was more than 5 cm. The results revealed the following: (1) median clinical size of the uterus was 12 weeks (6, 18); (2) median size of the myoma was 7 cm (5, 10); (3) median weight of the specimen was 200 g (60, 460); (4) median total duration of surgery was 75 min (40, 120); (5) median total blood loss was 50 ml (10, 500); and the total morcellation time was 15 min (5, 45). Laparoscopic myomectomy for large submucous myomas is a technically feasible procedure. It can be performed by experienced surgeons irrespective of the size or depth of the myoma. It prevents the complications of hysteroscopic removal of the myoma.

Keywords:  Myomas . Myomectomy . Submucous myomas . Laparoscopic myomectomy . Hysteroscopic myomectomy